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LookinVideo Ltd is a one stop solution for small company video.

Hello, my name is Billy Payn. I have worked in film and television for the last  25 years as an 
assistant director. 

 During that time I have worked on most types of production and have seen the industry develop and transform into what it is today, from celluloid to digital. 

As well as working on productions for companies such as Sky, Itv, C4, and many commercial,
corporate and promo companies, I run this production company.

In the difficult situation we find ourselves in due to the Coronavirus lockdown,
LookinVideo like your business is looking to keep productive. At the moment we cannot shoot people and workplaces however we can still edit and do other computer based image generation, or shoot product based shots.

Please call if you have video you would like edited, a logo you would like animated or ideas you would like to see come to fruition which can be planned during the lockdown.