Welcome to LookinVideoAbout Page


I started Lookinvideo after making the first of my documentary style films on the gunmaking 
techniques of Holland and Holland.

I had been looking for something to do during quiet times of work and saw this wonderful 

After hiring cameras a few times I realised that it would be much more convenient to own kit. 
Over the following years I have built up a kit which allows me to shoot and edit videos at a very 
high quality.

The camera I own is a Sony FS700 recording into a Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q.
This allows me to attain incredible quality when needed and very good quality for everyday 
shooting with the main codec being Pro Res HQ 10 bit 4.2.2. Often I will encode this into 

This camera set up will allow me to shoot at 200 fps at either Pro Res HQ 10 bit 422 or Raw DNG
2K. I can also shoot Raw DGN at 4K and either Pro Res HD or UHD from the 4k signal at frame
rates up to 60 fps or 100fps burst.

Editing is done on Adobe CS6 production package on a powerful windows machine - I know the software well.

I have also built up a lighting kit and have a tabletop sized turntable which can rotate as slow as 
1 revolution per 55 seconds.

Since the first doco, I have made other documentary films on a variety of subjects and also many corporate films for various organisations including Holland and Holland, incognito and 
Animal Health, amongst others.