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I started Lookinvideo after making the first of my documentary style films on the gunmaking 
techniques of Holland and Holland.

I had been looking for something to do during quiet times of work and saw this wonderful 

Since the first documentary I have made other films on a variety of subjects and also corporate and promotional films for various organisations including Holland and Holland, incognito and Animal Health. I  have also recorded and edited concerts and events.

After hiring cameras a few times I realised that it would be much more convenient to own kit. 
Over the following years I have built up a kit which allows me to shoot and edit videos at 
high quality up to 4k resolution. Having this kit allows me to act quickly and keep costs down for clients.

If requirements are for the very highest quality, 6k and above, top end broadcast cameras and post production facilities are available.

Lookinvideo can manage from  a one or two man low budget project with a fast turnaround to a large scale production with big crew and longer timescale.

I work closely with Clients in the planning conceptual and planning stages to ensure the resulting films work for them, whether they are testimonials, product promotions, how to use product videos or company promotions.